Dispute Resolution

Our litigation team have won impressive victories in a broad range of substantive areas of law and industries, before courts and in arbitrations.

Our firm has pleading privileges before all courts in the UAE, including the UAE Federal Court, the Dubai Court of Cassation, the DIFC courts, DIAC and the other arbitral bodies, and administrative committees in all fields of law, including the portions of Islamic Sharia enforced in U.A.E.

Our services begin before the case is filed, with pre-litigation consultation. Court cases are long and costly endeavors that should not be initiated lightly. With both a wide wealth of experience from the lawyers in our firm, and extensive records of applicable court rulings, our firm is well- qualified to analyze a dispute and advise the client of the case’s validity. In many situations, an accurate analysis of the case’s chances, its costs, and the timeline involved is the most valuable service a client can receive.

We also engage in negotiation, mediation, and settlement discussions, often resolving the dispute to both parties’ satisfaction without the need for a court case.

However, when a matter cannot be resolved without a trial, we are well-prepared to both prosecute and defend.  Our litigation team has won impressive victories in a broad range of substantive areas of law and industry, before both courts and arbitrations.  We regularly represent clients in arbitration, including DIAC, ICC, and DIFC-LCIA, and successfully enforce arbitral awards.

  • Business/Shareholder Disputes
  • Commercial Agency
  • Corporate Disputes 
  • Financial Crimes

Whether it is best resolved through mediation, arbitration, negotiation or litigation, our firm has extensive experience in corporate disputes.This includes disputes between co-founders over true ownership of businesses, management/investor disputes, conflicts in “Local Sponsor” side agreements, corporate dissolution disputes, and many more.

We also handle disputes over unpaid invoices or undelivered services, joint ventures gone wrong, and other corporate contractual breaches. 

  • Construction
  • Landlord-tenant disputes


Our firm has successfully sued developers with late, canceled or faulty/nonconforming off-plan projects; litigated long-term and short-term lease disputes; and facilitated real estate sales.  We work with the laws of Dubai and the other Emirates, as well as the DIFC property laws. 

Our IP lawyers provide a broad array of legal services to protect your intellectual property, including patent litigation and registration, trademarks, copyright and trade secret protection, and licensing agreements.

  • Employment issues
  • Wrongful termination
  • Executive compensation
  • Breach of Confidentiality

We handle disputes and contract review for compliance purposes from both the employer and employee’s side, including wrongful termination, disputes over end of service, breaches of confidentiality and non-competition issues.

  • Morabaha
  • Ijara
  • Modaraba
  • Musharaka
  • Istisna Real Estate
  • Life Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Islamic Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Like the sea, Maritime Law is a constantly changing entity, with evolving environmental, financial, and technological regulations. We provide legal counsel who keep up to date on the newest developments while understanding how to best support your business needs.

We counsel ship owners, protection and indemnity clubs, drydocks, freight forwarders, charterers, and courier companies in all aspects of maritime law and practice, including collision, ship financing, cargo claims, shipbuilding contracts, insurance, regulation, ports and terminals, environmental regulations and salvage claims.


We handle non-acrimonious divorces, custody matters, inheritance, and other family law matters, for both Sharia and civil jurisdictions.