Legal Questions Every Startup Should Ask 

Part One - Turning Your Idea Into A Business

Every startup must take careful legal steps to protect its future interests before and during its launch.

In Part One of our new three-part series, Legal Questions Every Startup Should Ask, watch our partner and head of corporate, Richard Imran Ding, answer some crucial legal questions that founders should ask when turning their idea into a viable business.

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Part Two - Getting Investor Ready

Fundraising is a critical milestone in every startup's journey, signaling that the startup is ready to develop its product further, expand its team, and is prepared to scale and grow. 

When your startup future's at stake, it's important to be ready for investors during your funding round. Watch our partner and head of corporate, Richard Imran Ding, answer some of the key questions that startups must ask themselves before reaching out to investors. 

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Part Three - Finding Funding 

In the last part of our 3 part video series 'Legal Questions Every Startup Should Ask', we cover questions that startups need to consider when they are on the lookout for investors. Finding the right investors for your startup, making a successful pitch, and getting them on board is no easy task.

Hear from our partner and head of corporate, Richard Imran Ding, on how founders need to cover all their bases, protect themselves against any unnecessary liabilities, have clear roles and responsibilities assigned to all team members, and need to approach investors that believe in the vision and have trust in the founding team. 

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